creative dance and fitness group for the
over 50's in Penzance Cornwall

about caroline

caroline.schanscheI trained in theatre at Dartington College of Arts (81-85) specialising in dance improvisation and Anatomical Release Technique being taught by Mary Faulkerson. After graduating I began working in London with marginalised groups such as adults with learning disabilities and elderly visually impaired people. Inspired by the positive impact of dance and movement in these groups I trained as a dance movement therapist at Hertfordshire College of Art and Design. At the same time I was mentored in the Medau Method by Lucy Jackson. In addition to my work with Sundance I teach groups of all ages and abilities including pre-school children, medical students, stroke patients and people with dementia.

Sundance classes combine rhythmic flowing movement with the principles of anatomical release technique to encourage a comfortable way of being in the body. By accepting ageing as a natural process and acknowledging that energy levels can change from day to day, participants are encouraged to move in tune with their own physicality. These guiding principles are delivered through improvised movement sequences, using music from across the eras and around the world, which aim to build suppleness, stretch, strength, stamina and spring.

Dancing is good for us! Diverse research into the many forms of dance shows that the health benefits are significant and profound. Dance is special because it is inherently social and of course creative. Dance not only supports the physical body but nurtures the whole person - the creative, social, sentient human being.

As a constituted community group Sundance supports the social benefits of creative participation and our charitable purpose is:

"To promote social inclusion, positive aging and well being for the public benefit in the area known as West Cornwall, by preventing older people over the age of 50 from becoming socially excluded and to improve overall health through the provision of dance classes and creative activities."